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5 Amazing Graphic Design Tips You Can Use Right Now

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Are you eager to draw in your customers and exceed your sales numbers? Graphic design is the way to get there. Top companies place importance on graphic design, which ultimately translates to better sales and a recognizable brand.

No matter what you’re printing or uploading to the web, you can’t get away with poorly designed marketing materials. Otherwise you’ll end up with one of these disastrous design no-nos.

Solid graphic design only makes your brand look more credible and trustworthy. Since buyers typically purchase from companies they know, like, and trust, you can’t skimp on graphic design even if it might be tempting.

Luckily, there’s something you can do to make sure your marketing materials look amazing even if you’re a total beginner. Read on for 5 amazing graphic design tips you can use right now to uplevel your marketing efforts.

Make Clarity The Focus

It might feel like you have to dress up your designs with all the Photoshop filters and expensive stock photos you can find. But the secret to truly great marketing materials is clarity. That’s right. No one wants to see script font, a flashy photo, and lots of bright colors if that’s not your brand.

If you feel pressured to only use so-called fancy tools and work with trends, you’ll miss out on sharing your message. After all, the best way to make sales in your marketing is to share who you are and what you offer your customers. So keep it straightforward and your customers will be number one fans in no time.

Examples of clarity in a brand include consistency throughout marketing materials through elements like colors and typography. Keep color palettes cohesive with hex codes so the shades you use across marketing materials are cohesive every time.

Structure Your Content With Visual Hierarchies

Captivate your client’s attention by presenting the most important details first. The easiest way to make this happen is to structure your content with visual hierarchies. Your headline should always be the largest text on any marketing collateral, followed by less important information in smaller fonts.

Keep in mind that readers typically read left to right and up and down but don’t be afraid to play around with the arrangement on the page. You’ll always want to emphasize the headline but don’t feel that subheads and paragraphs have to be directly below it. Skeptical?

Here’s a notable example of this in action.

Keep Your Typefaces To A Minimum

You may already know that you’ll never find Comic Sans in any graphic designer’s toolbox but there’s more to these graphic design tips than the fonts you should avoid. Another important facet of design is limiting your typefaces to 2-3 great pairings that showcase your message and make your brand look awesome in the eyes of your customers.

We recommend choosing a serif and sans-serif font to include across your marketing materials and keep them consistent. You can also keep fonts in the same family by using one font in bold and italic alongside its default typeface.

Don’t Load Your Print Materials With Too Much Information

Designing print materials is totally different from creating digital designs. When you’re designing direct mail items especially it’s important that you don’t overload the design with too much info.

Before designing, draft the copy first. Think hard about the most important information your customers need and create a strong headline around it. Only give customers what they need to know and link to a website so readers can take the next step on another platform.

Embrace White Space

The best ads we’ve seen make white space a primary element of the design. Designers accomplish this by letting the content stand out by creating a pocket of space around text boxes and images so readers can properly digest the information. If you do so, it’s much more likely your customers will draw closer to your message and take the desired action.

Graphic design can sometimes feel needlessly complex. But the most important thing to remember is that some of the best designs that garnered major cash flow have been simple and straightforward. With these graphic design tips, you’ll be designing the next great direct mail, packaging, and other marketing materials that will have your customers clamoring to buy your product or work with you.

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