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The 5 Most Effective Elements of an Event Flyer in Gurnee


In our modern world, many companies utilize online marketing — such as targeted ads on Facebook — to advertise their businesses and events. Yet, study after study has shown that people relish the immediacy of printed text and often prefer it to digital text. Why? Consumers find that they use 21% less mental effort to digest the contents of printed material. 

If you're on the fence about using flyers for your event, here are some great ways to ensure success in their use.

Why Hand Out Flyers in Gurnee, Illinois?

In addition to capturing the attention of your targeted audience, there are numerous reasons flyers can make an excellent addition to your marketing campaigns. 

  • They're affordable: Although it may be tempting to utilize only digital methods, it can also be an impediment to revenue growth. Other marketing options, such as print advertising, can open new doors for your business. And, printing flyers doesn't have to be expensive — especially if you're able to print in bulk. 


  • They're memorable: It's easy to click away from a digital advertisement. With all of the distractions online, a digital ad has to do more to grab and maintain consumer interest. Flyers, on the other hand, are harder to ignore — when someone is actually holding your flyer in their hands, they're much more likely to give it their full and undivided attention.


  • They can be personalized: While digital ads can reach wide markets, flyers can be localized — if you're handing out flyers at an event in Illinois, you'll know all the particularities of your target demographic. This helps ensure that you create an effective flyer.

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What Makes a Successful Flyer?

Now that we've discussed some of the most important reasons for utilizing flyers, we'll highlight the elements that comprise an effective flyer.

1. High Quality Paper

The overall most important factor in the success of your flyer is its look and feel. Choosing paper stock that feels sturdy to the touch is a great first step — when your potential customers hold the flyer, you want them to have something substantial to grasp. Using a high quality finish can also lend prestige and credibility to your brand.

2. Striking Imagery

It's also vital that you choose a single focal point for your flyer, such as an eye-catching image or logo. This image should be clearly printed, and no fuzziness or pixelation should be apparent to the naked eye. Having a professional image inspires trust. You want your potential customers to be able to glance at the paper and immediately understand the essence of your value proposition.

3. A Strong Color Palette

In the same way a striking image invites curiosity and interest, a strong color palette is also a great way to make your flyer stand out. Make sure your colors don't clash, and that they are suited to your brand or event. For example, blue often denotes dependability, while green inspires thoughts of nature, vitality, and harmony. Having a visually interesting flyer will make people want to learn more about your event.

4. Succinct, Informative Content

Don't overwhelm your customers with dense, wordy copy. Keep it short and to the point, with a unique headline and clearly labeled information. Make sure to include some kind of call to action — what do you want people to do after they read your flyer? Including a limited time offer is a great way to motivate customers to hang on to your flyer and follow up with you.

5. Appropriate Sizing

While there's no "right" measurement for the size of a flyer, you'll need to determine the dimensions that best complements the objectives of your marketing campaigns. If your flyers are too small, prospective customers may lose interest and ignore your efforts to gain their attention. On the other hand, if they're too large, they'll come across as pretentious and awkward. Like Goldilocks, you need to get your flyer size just right to capture the attention of your customers.

That said, there are many elements that go into crafting the perfect flyer — when it comes down to it, the best way to ensure that you're creating the best product for your purposes is to work with professional printers. At Shipping and Printing Point in Gurnee, Illinois, we're experts in putting together effective, professional flyers and brochures. Contact us today, so we can get to work assisting you in your efforts to grow your company.

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