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The 3 Biggest Benefits of Using Local Print Marketing for Healthcare Offices to Attract New Clients



If you're trying to attract new patients to your healthcare offices, you may wonder whether print campaigns can offer the same benefits as digital. The answer is yes. While there are benefits to both print and digital marketing, print will always have a place in any marketing campaign. 

The benefits of print marketing are innumerable. Print materials like brochures build credibility, are easily shareable, and present your business as a trustworthy source of information. They also appeal to a wide demographic. Digital advertisements may target younger audiences, but print materials can reach people of any age — an important consideration for healthcare companies that may wish to reach an older audience.

While there are many reasons to take advantage of a print campaign, here are three of the biggest, scientifically-based benefits of print.

1. Print Campaigns Are More Likely to be Seen

Digital marketing is everywhere, but it may not actually be seen as much as print. Studies show that 77 percent of consumers sort through their mail as soon as they get it, and 98 percent check their mail every day — a drastic difference, when compared to the 20.6 percent rate at which consumers open health and fitness marketing emails. In fact, according to an internal MailChimp study, links in health and fitness emails are only clicked 2.18 percent of the time.

2. You Can Convey Important Information More Effectively

While digital marketing has the potential to reach a very large audience, online campaigns may not always be effective in engaging that audience. Studies have shown that people actually take in more information when they read it in print form, rather than from a screen. While this is an important consideration for any business, it is particularly vital for healthcare companies who are trying to impart life-saving — and often complex—information to their customers.

3. Consumers Trust Print Campaigns

Healthcare offices need to connect with customers on a very personal level. While people may be willing to take a risk on a new beauty product or food item, they are unlikely to want to engage with a healthcare provider they don't trust. Because of this, healthcare companies need to make a decided effort to show that they are trustworthy and reliable. To do this, they should leverage print advertising to their advantage. A 2016 study of American internet users shows that 82 percent of people trust print ads when making purchasing decisions, making this medium the most trusted out of all advertisement options.


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What Types of Advertising Can You Use?


According to MarketingSherpa's 2016 study, print ads in newspapers and magazines are most trusted by consumers. Second to print ads are advertisements and catalogues sent out in the mail, which are preferred by 76 percent of consumers. The least popular type of print advertisements are outdoor ads such as billboards and posters, with only 69 percent of consumers claiming to trust these advertisements in their decision making process. 

That said, the response rate for print marketing is still almost 40 percent higher than that from email marketing. 


Digital ads are a great resource to use in conjunction with print advertisement. Note, however, that they tend to be less effective on their own. The most popular type of digital advertisements appear as search engine ads, with 61 percent of consumers saying they trust this form of advertisement. The next most trustworthy type of digital marketing is video ads that appear prior to a digital video, preferred by 47 percent of consumers. The least popular form of digital advertising is the pop-up ad, which only 25 percent of consumers claimed to trust.

Print is Vital for Credibility

The benefits of print advertising are numerous. However, it isn't enough to simply create a print campaign. Instead, an effective print marketing campaign must be executed in such a way as to increase the credibility and trustworthiness of your brand. Blurry images, displaced fonts, or messy colors can all decrease the trust people have in your business. 

In the healthcare industry in particular, it's vital to build credibility through high quality print marketing. If you'd like to develop a strong brand image through the medium of print, Gurnee Printing has the expertise to help.


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