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How Custom Postcards Highlight The Uniqueness of Your Brand 


Your brand image is predicated upon how the market perceives your products and services. Your loyal customers know why they love your brand. However, do your prospective buyers understand how your brand can make their lives easier? Every restaurant serves food, every hotel provides rooms for overnight guests, and every coffee bar worth its stripe serves espresso beverages. Yet, why do some succeed more than others?

Successful brands specialize in what their ideal customers want and expect. When your business meets and exceeds those expectations, it creates a powerful, positive brand image. That image becomes special in buyers' minds. You become the brand of obvious choice. When customers think of a solution to their pain points, your brand is the only logical option. Communicating that powerful brand image to potential buyers is what grows turnover and increases profits.


The Right Brand Image Delivers Higher Revenues


Your brand image sets the "value for money" standard in your buyers' minds. Diners want so much more than food, hotel guests want more than clean rooms, and coffee lovers want more than hot coffee.

Decide on your brand image, deliver on it every day, and it'll become your brand identity. Your preferred buyers will identify with your brand, putting you ahead of the competition.

All buyers have minimum expectations, and they put a dollar-value on those expectations. Deliver more than they expect, and you'll be unique in their eyes. When people want to benefit from your unique solutions, you get two results:

  1. You can charge more because that uniqueness is worth money.
  2. You can tell your market what they'll get and why they should get it.

Together, the above delivers higher revenues.


TERP (Tell, Encourage, Remind, Persuade) Them


Your ideal customers, clients, guests, and prospects are human. They can make poor choices, get side-tracked, and buy elsewhere. To minimize that, you TERP. There are lots of ways to TERP: Facebook, Twitter, email, and good old-fashioned snail mail.

Here's the thing: Data Targeting Solutions published a report in March 2019 which said, "Direct mail still pulls a higher response rate than any digital direct marketing medium . . . Response rate ranges from about five to nine times greater than that of email or social media."

Think about that for a moment – direct mail pulls 5 to 9 times the response rate!

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Postcards Are More Influential Than We Think


Well-designed postcards have "the power of inspiration" The reasons are obvious and simple:

  • They may be one of several items in the buyer's mailbox (compared to their email inbox, which can contain thousands of emails)
  • People see what postcards say immediately (they don't have to go to the trouble of opening it)
  • It takes a fraction of a second to scan the postcard and decide to read further
  • You can put powerful messages, offers, and CTAs (calls to action) on both sides of the postcard
  • You can use layout, colors, fonts, and images to make the postcard a feast for the eyes
  • You can add powerful incentives to maximize the responses you receive

The simple postcard's advantages over social media and emails are why direct mail gets 5 to 9 times more results.


How Postcards Get Results


"Attract - Interest - Desire - Action." That's the formula for getting results. Imagine your current or prospective clients receiving a postcard with an attractive design.

  • In the top left-hand corner is your restaurant, hotel, or store's logo, name and address. This can evoke immediate recognition or curiosity.


  • Beneath that it says: "Your XYZ day will be arriving shortly. Read this now." The XYZ may be a birthday, wedding anniversary, or the anniversary of the customer's first visit to your store. Or, the words may say "X% discount/BOGO/ celebrate with a friend for a real treat." If the receiver is still a prospect, talk about an important event or national holiday. Explain why they should make a reservation at your restaurant or business.


  • Your words have inspired curiosity, so the reader turns the card over.


  • Now they see an attractive image and are attracted by the details of your offer.


  • The desire to get a special meal, discounted room, complimentary gift, free entrée, or free coffee each month is heightened because the reader remembers how valuable your products/services are. At this point, new prospects may be motivated enough to check your business out.


  • However, you're not done: at the end of the postcard, you need to emphasize that your offer is time-sensitive. There's a set amount of time to call, text, scan the QR code, or go to the special landing page on your website before the offer expires.

All of the above can easily fit on a postcard. Best of all, you can even send a series of postcards to keep TERPing them.


Don't Do Postcards Without A Printing Service Expert By Your Side


You've built your brand image and created your brand identity. Your ideal clients identify with it — so now you just have to TERP them so they keep choosing you. At Shipping & Printing Point in Gurnee, we're experts in postcard creation, and we specialize in designs that bring in repeat and new business. So let's talk: tell us what you want to achieve, and we'll do the rest. 

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