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The 5 Best Elements of a Graphic Design Poster in Gurnee


Posters are an excellent, eye-catching way to advertise events or raise public awareness about your goods/services. But, as interesting as your event may be, a dull poster won't do much to inspire action on your customer's part. To make sure your poster does you justice, here are five graphic design elements to consider before you begin printing.

Good Contrast

A good poster is one that catches the eye from far away; it inspires curiosity. In order to be truly eye-catching from a distance, it's vital that your poster exhibits good contrast. This means a clear distinction between light and dark tones, contrasting colors, and individual shapes. Depending on what mood you're trying to evoke, you may decide on a bold, bright color scheme — or you may choose to go Mid-Century monochrome. Both of these can result in an excellent final product, as long as the contrast is clear.

Unique Imagery

Once you've decided what sort of color scheme to use, you'll likely want to include some images. After all, an entirely text-based poster may not prove very effective in inspiring curiosity and interest (unless you're using a unique typographical design). The imagery you use may consist of artwork, black & white photographs, or even duotone gradient shapes. It should have a clear focal point to ensure the poster doesn't look messy, and should effectively convey the mood that you're looking to inspire in your audience. Hands down, unique imagery is an excellent way to inspire curiosity.

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Attractive Typography

If you're going for more of a minimalist look, you may prefer sticking with just text — which can be an effective strategy with the right typographical design. Even if you're using both text and images, typography is an important part of your poster. To avoid visual clutter, you should try not to use more than three different types of fonts. Your headline is the place for creativity: 3-D typography is all the rage now in poster art. So, don't be afraid to go bold with your font choices — literally and figuratively. 

Consistent Layout

During the design conceptualization phase, you have two main options for layout: symmetric and asymmetric. A symmetrical design is one in which both halves of the design are equal in size and shape. An asymmetrical design, on the other hand, is off-center and more heavily weighted on one side. Both layouts have benefits — a symmetrical one may look more formal and traditional, while an asymmetrical one exhibits dynamic movement. Whichever you choose, keeping these two design elements in mind may result in a more visually appealing layout. 

Clear Visual Hierarchy

There are innumerable factors that go into a well-designed poster, but the most vital element to keep in mind is visual hierarchy. The visual hierarchy of your poster is the order in which the viewer notices information. For example, if you have a large, bright headline, a viewer will likely notice that first. You can use visual hierarchy to your advantage to ensure the viewer takes in the appropriate information in the correct order.

A poster with no visual hierarchy will be confusing and visually unappealing. Some things to keep in mind to create a clear hierarchy are the size and color of your elements, the repetition of important phrases or images, and the creation of a clear focal point.

Once you've designed the perfect poster, you'll need to get it printed. The friendly professionals at The Shipping & Printing Point in Gurnee, Illinois, are experts at printing beautiful posters that bring your designs to life. For more information on how we can assist you, contact us today.

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