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Size Matters: The 5 Benefits of Professional Large-Format Printing


Have you ever wanted to step up your advertising game? Perhaps, you have a great product that offers an effective but humane way to rid homes of household pests. However, you have no way to display your ideas in a style that does it justice. If this sounds familiar, large format printing may be the perfect solution for your business.

What is Large Format Printing?

This style of printing is versatile and ideal for anything oversized — it can include blueprints, architectural drawings, land surveys, as well as marketing-oriented print-outs like posters and signs. This style of printing can frequently be seen in outdoor signage such as those you may find on the side of a vehicle or billboard. Large format printing can also include banners, decals, and murals.

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The Benefits of Large Format Printing

There are numerous benefits to large format printing — it's the perfect option for any company that wants to increase the visibility of its brand in a fun, yet professional manner. If you're still on the fence about large-format printing, here are five reasons why it may lead to greater growth for your company.

1. Durability

Because this style of printing is often used for outdoor advertising purposes, it's generally more durable in construction. Items that are created by large-format printing are specifically designed to hold up against all kinds of weather conditions. So, if you're looking for a more robust form of outdoor advertising, large-format posters or banners may be the perfect solution. 

2. Brand Visibility

When you utilize large-format printing, your ability to propel your brand into national (or international) prominence increases significantly. You'll be able to highlight your value proposition on the sides of cars, buses, or trucks. If you're advertising for an event, large posters, billboards, or banners are indispensable for drawing the attention of your targeted customers. You can get creative with large-format advertisements in a truly exciting and unique way — the sheer size of this type of printing makes it ideal for catching and holding the attention of your customers.

3. Efficiency

Although you may think that large-format printing requires an extensive investment of time, you'd be surprised — this style of printing offers speeds comparable to that of regular digital printing. What this means for your business: Not only will your banners and posters be eye-catching and durable in construction, but you'll also be able to get them printed quickly (even if you're running on a particularly tight schedule).

4. Professionalism

Large, high-quality print advertisements and materials lend a professional image to your brand. Additionally, large-format printing also delivers advantages outside of the advertising world. If you're chairing an important international outreach effort or head-lining critical lectures on economic affairs, for example, having beautifully printed materials as visual aids can help your audience grasp the essence of your initiatives. Whether you need to draw attention to a bar graph or a map, large-format printing can be a valuable tool to inspire credibility and trust in your brand.

5. Versatile Substrates

Large format printing allows you to print onto a wide range of materials — you're not just limited to paper. If you have a project that needs to be printed on plastic, glass, or any sort of textile, large-format printing gives you the flexibility to do just that. This opens a number of doors for your company, enabling you to be more creative in terms of brand messaging.

If you'd like to take advantage of large-format printing, working with an experienced printing house is vital. The Shipping & Printing Point in Gurnee, Illinois, specializes in this style of printing; in fact, every stage of the printing process can be completed right here, saving your company the time and expense of printing with your own materials.

Additionally, we also offer document finishing services — if you have a piece that needs to be laminated, mounted, or framed, we can do that in-house. So, don't take a chance on your company's future. Contact us today to experience the difference The Shipping & Printing Point can make to your business.

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